Sunday, February 17, 2013

Java Comment Preprocessor 5.3

I am glad to notify all that the new 5.3 version of my Java Comment Preprocessor is out. It is the most powerful preprocessor for Java with support of Ant, Maven and CLI and I guess that it is the one of the oldest Java preprocessors. In the new version I have added the feature to keep preprocessed non-active strings as commented ones in the output to give the possibility to save the line numeration in the resulting sources. The Mode is turned on through the /k directive for CLI, or through the keepLines parameter for Maven and ANT.


  1. Hello Igor, I tried running your Jar in CLI:
    % java -jar /jcp-5.3.jar
    ... and received the following:
    "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from /jcp-5.3.jar"

    Is this the correct syntax for using via CLI?

    - Tim

  2. Hello Tim
    You're absolutely right, there was not the main-class attribute in the Jar, it was a bug, I have fixed it and you can download the fixed 5.3.1 version from the project page. Thank you very much for the detected bug.