Thursday, September 21, 2017

JDK 9 + JEP-238 + Maven + Preprocessor

I have made small example project to show how to use Java preprocessor and Maven to build multi-release JAR (as described in JEP-238) which is supported in JDK 9.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

JBBP 1.3.0

Java Binary Block Parser 1.3.0 is out and accessible in the Maven Central. The Main feature of the version - to generate Java class sources from JBBP scripts, the feature allows to use the framework for more or less high-load systems. The Library still has size less than 200 kBt but since the version it needs Java 1.6+ (minimal Android version is still 2.0). Also there are published two plugins for Maven and Gradle which allow to generate Java classes from JBBP scripts on fly during project build phase.
Also of course minor refactoring and bugfixing.
The Library is used by Orange for its Datavenue Live Objects service