Sunday, July 3, 2016

Java Comment Preprocessor 6.1.0

The New 6.1.0 version of Java Comment Preprocessor is out and published in Maven central. From main features of the new version I can distinguish
added option to enable whitespace between comment chars and directive, it 1) makes possible to write in such style
// #local VAR="hello"
also spaces will be allowed in //$$, //$ and /*-*/ directives
2) fixed bug in work with absolute path files
3) added function binfile(STR,STR) which converts binary files into text representation
byte[] TEXT=byte[]{/*$binfile("./file.bin","byte[]")$*/};
will be converted into
byte[] TEXT=byte[]{(byte)0x89,(byte)0x50,(byte)0x4E,(byte)0x47,(byte)0xD,(byte)0xA,(byte)0x1A,(byte)0xA};
it supports "base64","base64s" (it splits text to 80 char lines), "byte[]" and "byte[]s"