Sunday, June 17, 2012

Java Performance mind map

On the last week I had visited our local Oracle branch (where smart guys develop very important parts of JVM) because there was very interesting presentation about Java Performance. I made some mind map based on the presentation and verbal information from speakers and translated it into English (because the original presentation was in Russian). You can see the Mind Map image through the link

I have used below information sources to make the mind map:
 - the JEEconf 2012 presentation of Aleksander Shipilev and Sergey Kuksenko
 - the Russian presentation  of Aleksander Shipilev and Sergey Kuksenko on JUG.RU (14 june 2012)
 - the high level of their mind map included into  the presentation (they used the map as the speech plan)   

also there are a lot of interesting stuff on the home page of Aleksander Shipilev ( but mainly that information in Russian.