Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NetBeans 7.2, workaround for the predefined "Idea" keymap issue

   I use the NetBeans IDE for long years and I was very waiting for he new 7,2 version, unfortunately I have found a terrible critical issue for me in the IDE - a NullPointerException is being thrown when I am trying to change the keyboard map to the IDEA in the "Options->Keymap".
   It is very critical for me and I am sure that the feature is the most important for any IDE. The 7.2 version has been published already more than 2 months and I read that the bug has been fixed but the corrections will be published only in the future version. I tried to use the development version where the bug has been fixed, but the developer version contains a lot of other bugs and can't be used for development (for instance there are a lot of exceptions when you are trying to work in CSS ans JS editors).
  Fortunately I found some workaround for the keymap issue in NB 7.2:
1. Open Tools->Options->Keymap
2. Press "Manage profiles"
3. Choose the "Idea" in the list and press "Duplicate"
4. Select the new duplicated "Idea" profile
5. Restart the IDE
After the restart I have the IDEA key-map working on my machine without any exception.